A website is the most valuable asset to your brand online. As a small business, we understand that a full traditional website with several pages and a lot of content might not be the best solution for your company when you are just starting out. With our intuitive single-page sites, you and your clients can experience all the benefits of a fully customized Worx website in a shorter timeframe that is more affordable for your needs now. We’ve streamlined the process to focus on who you are, what you offer and how people can get in touch with you. Whether it is a few months or a year from now, we will design your single-page site with growth in mind – making the transition from a single HTML page to a full WordPress website seamless.


– $3000 –

Estimated Start to Finish – 8-10 Weeks 

Customized Action Plan

– Project Planning
– Page Wireframe
– Project Calendar


– In-person kickoff meeting with the Worx team
– Collaboration via phone and email to ensure vision is achieved
– Facilitate technical details with developer and host

Custom Content

– Engaging content written to communicate your
exclusive tone and message effectively

Custom Design

– Single-page layout to capture your audience and convey your brand’s message
– Responsive for a great user experience everywhere and on any platform


– HTML format
– Designed to be converted into a editable WordPress site at a future date


– Thorough review of beta website to test functionality and correct bugs prior to launch date
– Finalizing files and licensing for photos, artwork, fonts and other creative materials


New Day Hospitality Microsite


A recently launched subdivision of New Day Office, New Day Hospitality focuses on creating your space for Resorts and Hotels; Restaurants; Private Clubs and Conference Centers. As the company has just started up, conceptualizing and designing a single-page site best delivers the brand experience and the successful projects New Day Hospitality has procured in a productive and energetic layout. Existing and potential clients can easily navigate the site, accessing the information they need to create their space. As the company grows its portfolio comparable to its umbrella company, we give New Day Hospitality the option to grow its page numbers conveniently, as well, into a WordPress platform site, due to the HTML capabilities a single-page site is coded.

Zeal Fitness Microsite


With a simplistic approach to wellness, Zeal Fitness is not only a new small-business but a small, intimate gym for those looking for a personal touch when it comes to working out. A husband and wife duo, investing in an online presence when the journey had just materialized seemed premature. With a single-page site, they could empower both their facility and their clientele’s awareness. Using bold imagery and statements, we have successfully communicated who they are, what they do and why it makes a difference. The kind of experience people can expect is embodied in the content and without needing to click through a series of pages. When Zeal is ready, this single-page site can easily be converted to a WordPress platform capable of hosting additional pages.