At Worx, there are many components to ensure that the immune system of our Brand stays healthy. If you been following us for a while, you may know that every experience between seeing, hearing, reading and being a successful company is contingent on consistency. Doing it over and over again – everywhere – so everyone becomes involved and does the same.

Every year, nationwide, we as people brand words through consistency. By seeing, hearing, reading and being around people who do it over and over again – everywhere – so everyone becomes involved and does the same.

What it is that we are branding? Slogans. This year our lips have caught ahold of adjectives such as:

“Thirsty.” (Nothing a beverage can quench.)

“On fleek.” 


“Basic.” (Basically what you think it means.)

We’ve taken these words by storm and made them household staples.

They are truly our BAE vocabulary preference.

Ah! The noun that encompasses our heart’s rawest emotions.

It took me approximately half of 2015 to decode the acronym that is BAE and until now the correct pronunciation. However, dialects that they are – that is subjective.

Although I have decoded it, in theory, intellectually, I did not emotionally grasp its true intentions until I tried to implement it. So rather than apply it in a romantic or platonic relationship, I’ve created a scenario where I could enhance our brand through a BEA checklist.

It takes much hard work to make a brand approachable and keep it alive. While it may seem beautiful, there’s much work that needs to happen in the background.

To ensure you can see, hear, read and experience the same in every encounter, we have to check through Before Anyone Else, or in this case, Before Anything Else immune system nourishment.

BAE Branding:

  • Make sure your social media is not stagnant: No news is good news? That may apply to your doctor, but not around here. Our clients want to know what’s going on. We cannot depend on other avenues to keep everyone up to date.


  • Answer your emails: No matter how quick the question, we’ve found sending someone a brief response acknowledging their presence, even if you can’t give their question full attention in the moment, adds value to the relationship because they feel like they have been heard.


  • Have internal focus groups: If we do not know what’s going on, who will? Every Monday morning we kick-off the week with status updates. Where we currently are with projects; the creative direction and deadline; the good news the bad news – by openly sharing this, we not only can help each other, but our work culture is more focused.


  • Front and center reminders: Whether it is goal oriented, calendars, mini client rundowns or timelines, having a system in front of us as a team is a constant reminder of what BAE represents.


  • Attend networking events: We do not know it all, and there’s always someone smarter than you in the room. The great thing about life is that we can learn from people outside of our industry, be inspired by their story and use it to help us succeed.


  • Talk about what we do: We love what we do. So it’s easy to talk about our collective works. Remember how when school was out of session, summer tended to overpower our senses and everything we learned was forgotten? Around here we keep things fresh and top of mind. So from blogs to press releases, it is important to keep the general audience informed.


  • Clean the clutter: Not only do we respect each other’s workspaces, but the material with which we work. Our client’s files do not deserve to get disorganized – neither virtual nor physical.


Whatever your company, you have a brand. And where there is a brand you have a BAE relationship to nurture. What are your priorities when it comes to ensuring your brand’s immune system remains in its prime?