By Sam Jones |  March 27, 2017


Blogging may seem like a tedious task or a “bells and whistles” kind of project that you always promise to get around to eventually. But the fact of the matter is that there is an incredible amount of untapped potential and it’s an easily accessible way to grow your online presence.

Here are some reasons why you should start:

Stats Don’t Lie

With well over 200 million blogs, it’s undeniable that there is tremendous value behind these creations– why else would there possibly be over 329 million people viewing them? As an article on Quicksprout puts into a solid infographic, there are 25 billion pages viewed every month, over 500,000 new posts a day and most importantly, over 400,000 comments per day, opening a two-way conversation between business and consumer.

It Makes Google Happy

We refer to “The Google” as a physical kind of entity or almighty being, and like every business, we aim to keep it happy. Blogs generate a wealth of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)– meaning that just through sharing your expertise, you are creating a way that keeps your company on the forefront of the search results. Posting fresh new content, linking internally onto your own site and to outward sites and punching in the right keywords carves you out a higher ranking, resulting in more views on your website.

Become A Leader in Your Industry

You have what it takes. Day in and day out you perform the tasks of your job, business or passion effortlessly because you’ve worked tirelessly to improve your craft and become a leading voice in the industry you call home. Just as people seek your expertise for the job, your readers will seek guidance and tips and tricks through your blog. This is a way to consistently stay ahead of the curve by putting out knowledge and new discoveries, giving viewers a reason to stay involved. Not only does blogging give your company a voice in a sea of similar businesses, it can establish YOU as the expert. This builds trust and reliance from your audience.

Gain A Loyal and Frequent Following

There is a need for any kind of information you could possibly think up, just type in “most ridiculous questions googled” if you don’t believe me. But since you are a leader in your industry, you are sharing content that others will benefit from. These people that will either benefit from your services or seek inspiration or education from your blogs will follow along with you so long as you are speaking TO them. We often put this concept into a visualization that we call the “three core buckets” approach. In order to figure out the right kind of content to create, we establish who the majority of our audience is, and uncover the purpose behind the foundation of our company. Taking into consideration our own business, services, and personality, we came to the conclusion that branding, entrepreneurship and culture are the three core buckets of our business. If the content doesn’t align with who we are and what we do, we simply don’t share it, because our viewers are expecting us to share with them what we do best.

Expand Your Toolbox

Another great reason for blogging is that you can use your blog as a marketing and educational tool with your customers and clients. For example, often times we will write blogs specific to questions or processes that are frequently asked by our clients. By doing this, we can further educate them on our processes and the details of why we do what we do. If a number of clients ask us “How do we know when it’s time to brand our space?” we can write a blog for this question and provide that as a resource for the next client at the beginning stages of a project. It’s a great way to simplify abstract concepts through short readings and serve as a reservoir of fillable resources.


Now for the how:

Choose A Platform

First, decide where to create and host your blog. Having a blog within your website is ideal because you can link from within, but separate blogs using popular sites like Blogger and WordPress are effective as well. Research the pros and cons of each, and choose a platform that aligns best with what your company needs.

Discover Your Three Core Buckets

Take a refreshing dive into the mission of your business and why you got started in the first place. Create content with your core audience in mind, and simplify your goals to be direct and digestible for your viewers.

Be Consistent

Now that you’ve got a plan, see that you follow through. This can sometimes be the most difficult part. While starting a blog for the first time, you may find inspiration hard to come by or you may not feel comfortable committing to a bi-weekly posting schedule. Instead, try a bi-monthly schedule at relatively the same time of day. Most sites will have optimal posting days and times that you can research. Either way, do what works best for you and stick with it! 

Now that you know why and how the only question is when? Don’t be shy when it comes to sharing your expertise with the world– inspiration is gained by seeing other people’s successes and perspectives. There may be over 160 million voices in the blogosphere, but we still haven’t heard yours.