One of the things we as a team are most passionate about is communication. If you can see someone, if you talk to someone, if you pick up the phone, if you email someone, ultimately, someone will answer. You just have to find that someone’s way of communication.

By putting an emphasis on not having cubicles – taking away the physical and emotional barriers that keep our interoffice relations from moving forward, we found our way was speaking up, reaching out and initiating face-to-face time. Consequently, we then are able to combat inertia.

That communication policy is equally integral to our clients. Like the classic lyrics of The King and I song go, “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…”

We fully immerse ourselves in your company culture not just knowing about your favorite things, but about who you as a people are collectively and individually. We get to know where you are going, where you came from and what you are at the moment.

Whom have you created as a community? Whom do you come from as a community?

The four-worded expression, it’s a small world should never discredit any unique facet from which we derive our legacy.

Whether we visit your hometown or your home turf whenever we cross borders between our brand and yours, we take the time to learn what makes you tick. Branding abroad – no matter how many miles separate our company and yours – means respecting your customs.

First Impression: Each culture appreciates meeting over business differently. Some bow, some nod, some hug, some high-five some shake hands between opposite genders some take great offense and then some give cheek-kisses when then see us as part of their brand family.

Brand Arsenal: Business cards. Don’t like telephones? Email us. Don’t like typing? Schedule an in-person meeting because we’ve conveniently added our studio address on Side B. It all channels back to finding someone’s preferred method of connectivity. No matter where you go if the world truly is a small place then we never know where we’ll meet someone who needs our services.

Core Values: Communication is organic. No one wants to hear us recite a bullet point list of our services in comparison to his or her issues. Knowing our core values to our core and believing it like this is the best way to allow conversations evolve naturally without sounding rehearsed or close-ended.

Brand Out Loud: It’s okay to turn it off. It’s okay to take a vacation. It’s okay to close your eyes and close out your emails. However, the difference between what we do and others is we don’t just have a job, we have a passion. So like we say over and over again, our personal and professional brands are often direct reflections of each other. We are the same people from 5-9 as we are from 9-5. When we go abroad, we live what we are. We are walking talking business cards. So even when we have off-time, we are still us. Moreover, we are the definition of Worx. That’s what makes up company culture and makes up a brand. That’s what makes branding abroad an unforgettable experience; two people from two brands meet and find out what their method of communication is.