12 Feb: Vulnerability

On this week’s podcast, I open up about something that is pretty uncomfortable for me to talk about. It’s been taunting me for years and just a few weeks ago I decided to own it and share my situation with you.


05 Feb: What is a Brand?

Branding is fascinating because it’s the difference between someone spending $20 vs. $200 on a haircut. The same service is being performed, but the company has been positioned to create an experience that people want to be part of.


17 Oct: Be Yourself

It’s interesting how certain phrases can take someone from smiling to weeping in a matter of seconds. The things we tell ourselves can be brutal and damaging and the emotional scars that unresolved life events have on us are traumatic.


10 Sep: Not Today, Fear

Even though I run my business from the ground, it often feels like jumping out of an airplane. Excited one moment, terrified the next, ready to take the risk then wanting to run far, far away.