As a business evolves, so does the need to keep things current and relevant. This may be polishing up on your skills to stay up with what’s the latest in your specific industry or adjusting your rates to reflect the products and services that you’re currently offering. What immediately comes to our minds? Is your brand relevant to who you are tomorrow? By thinking ahead to where you want to be, you’re able to set goals for your business’s growth. Who you were yesterday may not reflect where you want to be tomorrow.

The first time someone comes to your website sees your business card or interacts with you is an opportunity to share who you are, what you do and how it makes a difference. Are those materials positively representing you in a way that makes you feel strong and proud of your business? Do you shy away from sending people to your website? Are you avoiding getting the next run of your business cards printed because they’re outdated?

First business card

Second Worx Website

We found ourselves doing some of that very same stuff. A branding team not wanting to look at their website. Doesn’t make any sense. Just like any other business, it can be difficult to focus on our own needs. Our last website was up for 3 years. In a 3-year timespan, a lot of things can change, and they did. We added more gals to our team, our portfolio grew and we started The Green Couch Project™ and Brandstarter™. With each change, we added a page here and changed a piece there, but lost the sense of cohesiveness that we were used to.

Previous Worx Website


Once we started to look at what really needed to change, we realized that our verbiage, our style and our goals were no longer aligning in any of our own marketing. Our Facebook page had outdated services, some of our LinkedIn pages were outdated and our business cards had the wrong address. As a growing company, I’m sure you can relate to at least one or all of these problems!

So what’s a risk-taker to do? Do we update little bits here and there, or do we go all in? If you’re reading this, you probably know the answer. We treated ourselves as if we were a paying client. We scheduled our work out, set deadlines and assigned tasks. We had creative team meetings and held one another accountable. We invested in ourselves.

Welcome to the new evolution of Worx. It was important for us to focus on the three things that make us tick: Branding, Culture and Entrepreneurs.


Our work needed to showcase our abilities; the things that really make us do heal kicks in the air. We love to link arms with small business to evolve their brand and maintain it. We call it, Brand Partnerships. Creating a visual identity that gets people excited and proud to have something that shows the world the idea they’ve had in their head for so long, brings us so much joy.


Our team is the core of the Worx personality and creative spark. You’ll see the faces behind the magic front and center. Why? These are the women you’ll be working closely with. We each have our own strengths, weaknesses, quirks and food allergies (trying to go out to lunch with all of us is a mess!). Our personalities are big and bold. We want to become part of your team culture so that you can become part of ours.


I have a big puffy heart for entrepreneurs, or what we like to call them, risk-takers. I’m a risk-taker myself, so I can relate to the journey, the ups and the downs. I have a passion for seeing people live their purpose. We understand the risk-taking journey because we’ve been through it. We’re just as excited to see your brand come to life as you are!

Over a 3-month period, we took time to put our best foot forward. Here’s what we did, and what you can also consider for your own brand evolution:

  • Updated branding – streamlined logo and updated signatures
  • Stationery update – business cards, envelopes, internal documents
  • Presentations – new welcome kits and PowerPoint styles
  • Packaging – the way we deliver brands
  • Social Media – updated graphics and descriptions
  • Website Redesign – shortened URL, redesigned website layout


When we view our marketing, we feel confident, strong and proud of who we are and where we are headed. That is our goal for you. We want you to feel excited about your brand, not overwhelmed by it. We want you to grow with confidence and be able to focus on what you’re amazing at. We want to Brand Your Gutsy™.