I always told myself that if I would ever get a tattoo, it would be of someone’s face on my face. Preferably Chuck Norris’. Go big or go home AND make it memorable, right? Like, why invest in an inscription on my shoulder or wrist’s skin of an Asian word when I can show the world I went through the painful process of an ink master when someone could use the blank canvas of my face as a tribute to a universal legend.

As exaggerated as Norris’ skills are, so is my desire to see his mirror image reflected back at me every day. Moreover, after starting to watch Tattoo Nightmares (an old show that nevertheless highlights a modern-day dilemma), I see so much value in reiterating, face tattoos are never a good idea.

Your face is a remarkable identifying tool. Whether I look in your eyes or focus slightly above at your forehead during a conversation, each detail is categorically processed so even if I forget your name, I can remember your face – unless of course, I would suffer from the unfortunate disorder Prosopagnosia.

So discernable is your face, within seconds upon uploading a picture featuring you to Facebook, this colossal website can scan and recommend who is who and how you should proceed to tag each head that populates on the screen.

Regardless if you have one of those faces, inherently it can’t belie your identity; it’s why you have a signature smile and best side. It’s why you don’t wear glasses for your passport pictures, and why immediately upon one’s birth everyone plays guess which parent’s genes are most prominent in the cone head! Your face is your brand and nothing can distract from that.

Ultimately, everything we encounter has a face. In retrospect, our days are filled with things we face head-on. (Some have the best side, too; some are best kept hidden.) And none makes such a profound impact as those of our brand’s face.

But what exactly is the face of your business? Often the first impression of your brand’s face is your logo. However, sometimes the first thing an individual may actually notice is an overt campaign. Van wrap. Uniforms. Packaging. A commercial. Your tagline.

The more you interact with your audience, the more chances you have of getting in their face and making your brand’s face a remarkable identifying tool.

Five Ways To Determine If Your Brand’s Face Is Worth Remembering:

  • Is your brand’s face Facebook friendly?

If your brand could face swap with yours, would Facebook recognize it enough to tag it? Make your brand’s face so recognizable and in the forefront that it is a household name and look.

  • Is your brand’s face visible?

When was the last time you sent out collateral? Updated your social media? Cold called someone or invested in a client meeting? While mixing business and pleasure isn’t always ideal, working with you can and should be a pleasure.

  • Does your brand’s face celebrate the good times and bad?

This past week was National Selfie Day, and while I tend to think humanity at large participates in that every second of every hour of every day, it’s occasions like these with which your brand and team can stand united. Living off the grid and growing a brand is an oxymoron and you, my friend, are not a moron.

  • Have you given your brand’s face a makeover?

While you may trim your physical face’s beard or touch up your makeup, when it come’s to your brand’s face it is important to maintain its look and stay abreast of styles. In fact, you can be the leader in both design and your industry by updating your logo and redoing your website every few years.

  • Do you allow your brand’s face to look in the mirror?

Whether it’s an internal or external survey, be open to constructive criticism. Listening to new ideas doesn’t necessarily mean you have to implement them, but you can always learn something. If nothing else than that people are watching you and are receiving messages that might not be what you intend to send out.

For example, face tattoos are never a good idea but branding your business’ face is always the best route.