By Amber Buhrman  |  February 23, 2017


Whether companies are just starting out or in deep, the thought of a shiny new website makes people a little fired up. Every project starts with a visit to the client to see what they do in person and get to know them a little better. Planning ahead and anticipating potential roadblocks goes a long way in creating a more enjoyable website process. A good relationship is all about establishing expectations. If we are going to be working closely with a client for 4 months or more – it is helpful if we really understand each other.

Web sites are always a learning experience. There will always be changing technology, new techniques, different personalities, and scenarios. Every situation is unique and every person has individual needs. Still, there are a few universal reasons a website project may take longer:


More people = longer timeline. We ask for one point of contact, but sometimes that person has to run everything through a committee, board, etc. This is something we ask up front, so we can factor the time needed for communication and project management into the project timeline.

Changing the layout or features after development

It is much easier (and less expensive) to build-out features for a new house than it is to tear down walls, rip out the wiring, and remodel it later. The same goes for websites, it is crucial to approve the layout design and agree on included features and functions BEFORE the website is sent to development.


The purpose of a redesign is to meet a common goal – what is important to the intended audience? The answer may not always fit into a client’s personal preferences. Communicating goals, preferences, wants and needs in the beginning, will eliminate the need for extensive revisions. Redesigning, rewriting or reworking a concept will extend the timeline of a project, sometimes by a couple of weeks (and could also cost more).

Lack of communication

There are certain points in every project that require client feedback. Even if it is a quick email to ask for more time – we understand that life gets busy. However, a delay in feedback or other needed communication will push everything else out.

To the core, great communication is the solution to all of the issues above. Openness, honesty and keeping it real with expectations from the beginning are key to having a great relationship during a website build and beyond.