By Laura Wallace  |  June 7, 2018


I’m a pretty big fan of wine. There’s a social aspect that is comforting, the flavors are exciting and there’s so many to choose from! While it’s a simple pleasure, the product is complex to its core. As consumers, we enjoy the final product, but for us to hear that popping sound of the cork and watch the slow rolling pour go into our glass, there’s an entire process of love and dedication with thousands of variables that have to happen. Not to mention the many hands required to keep the process going.


Making wine isn’t a quick process. There isn’t a winery that has been an overnight success because it takes years to see a return on the product. From the quality and minerals found in the soil to the degree of the hill, making wine isn’t just about drinking your favorite Pinot Grigio with dinner, it’s about creating something that’s sustainable.


I can’t help but compare the process of growing grapes to creating and growing a business. Where you plant yourself matters. The nutrients you surround yourself with matters. The amount of exposure to the elements you have mattered. Making sure you are on land that gets enough water to be beneficial but not too much that kills the vine. It’s all so symbolic of growing a business.


The most mind-blowing part of all of this is that when a winery plants grapes, they don’t see the final product for three years. But in that three-year time span, the vines require regular maintenance, trimming, cleaning, and monitoring. Every day the farmers have to put time and dedication into these plants, knowing they won’t be bottled for at least 36 months and then not enjoyed for another year or so. You have to put in the effort today for your future success.


Much like a business, the efforts that we put in today are not always seen right away. We often refer to it as the “planting seeds” mentality (which goes along nicely with this theme if I must say). Think of every ounce of your dedication you give your company as fruit for your future self. Every person you meet could be your next referral source, every volunteer project could lead to your next big project and every challenge is preparing you for your next victory. If you’re putting in consistent dedication now, you’re investing in your future self. You’re creating the atmosphere needed to grow the fruits of your labor, so you can enjoy them for years to come.


In business, we’re often looking for a quick return or satisfaction. And while sometimes that’s obtainable, most of the time it’s the slow build that wins the long-term race. Think of the vines. It takes years for them to grow to maturity and start bearing fruit, especially when it’s a brand-new vineyard. But once those grapes get going, the reward is plentiful, and the success is shared with everyone around them. Build your business slow and steady. Give it love. Check it often. Stay focused on what you’re working towards and you’ll achieve amazing things.