Everyone likes to be admired, but some of us have trouble accepting a compliment gracefully. Many of us have been guilty of this. Downplaying or rebuffing the compliment can backfire. Denial, deflection, and self-insults can be insulting to the person that gave you kudos. They could see you as socially awkward, ungrateful or insecure. Not only will you offend the person, but you are downplaying your abilities and your worth.

Why is this so hard? Well… no one wants to be seen as conceited or smug, or they may not believe they are worthy of the compliment. Another reason – feeling like something is owed in return. Just because someone pays you a compliment doesn’t mean you have to boomerang one back. A compliment shows that someone sees value in you. This is something that we at Worx are all working on around the office and out in the world.

Gratitude is the only way to respond to someone’s kind remarks. A simple thank you will not make you seem vain. Instead, it will show that you acknowledge the person’s kind words. If you aren’t sure what to say, a simple thank you is all you need. That’s it. End of story. Thank you is humble and shows your appreciation – and it will work in any situation. So, when you receive a compliment, believe it, and take it for what it is. You are worth it.