Hi there! I am Laura Wallace: inspiration junkie, thrill seeker, and fellow entrepreneur. I understand the struggles, the highs, the lows, and all the thoughts that run through your mind at 3:00 am as a business owner. Whether you need a pick-me-up or a swift kick in the rear to get out of your own head, I have been there too.  Chances are if you are thinking it, someone else is too. That is why I want to share my journey, to help you navigate the challenges, fears, successes, ins, and outs of being an entrepreneur. Follow along to get inspired, figure it out, or to get some sage advice on living your best life.

In 2007 Laura Wallace found her passion for branding. But soon after that, she realized there was more to branding a business. It was about building relationships. The older her company grew, the more in touch she became with her purpose; helping others find theirs. Over the years friends, family, co-workers and the clients have joked that there’s something about Laura. She has an undefinable quality that can only be described as her own Laura Aura. It’s positive. It’s infectious. And she’s someone that has something from which many businesses can benefit. Book her voice today and learn how you can integrate some of the things Worx has learned over the past decade into your life and business.

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