Ep. 31: Celebration Therapy with The Confetti Project creator, Jelena Aleksich

How does being doused with pounds—and I mean POUNDS—of confetti while learning to celebrate life and simply let go, transform a person? Come and discover Celebration Therapy.

Ep. 30: 5 Ways to Create Balance Between Work, Home, Health, and Other Life Demands

Balance isn’t about creating an equal percentage across all of your life demands—it’s about knowing what part of your life needs you the most in each moment.

Ep. 29: Liberation Week — The Truth

This episode is deep, impactful, and raw. I invite you to enter a safe space with us and give yourself the gift of self-awareness of your own negative self-beliefs so that you too, can liberate.

Ep. 28: Building a Profitable Business on Instagram with Allie Dattilio

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to maximize your Instagram feed while making some money, this episode is for you. I talk with artist Allie Dattilio on how she gained 24k followers and turned her ‘gram into a profitable business.

Ep. 27: All Things Money — How to Charge and Manage Your Cash

Let’s talk All Things Money: How to charge clients, how to track your money, how to get credit card payments—I mean ALL the nitty gritty things you don’t even realize you have to figure out until you’re knee-deep in it like, “Shit! How do I do this?”

Ep. 26: 5 Steps to Eliminating Shame with Amy Taylor

In Episode 26, I chat with Shame Eliminator, Amy Taylor, as she talks about her battle with shame and how she has used what once held her back as a tool for helping other women free themselves from their own shame.

Ep. 25: Reduce Anxiety with One Action

Think about this: There are 24 hours in the day, if you spent 10 minutes planning, you would regain hours of your life back every single week because instead of chasing the ball—you’d be ahead of the ball (not to mention all of the emotional energy you would save).

Ep. 24: Creating and Maintaining Meaningful Relationships with Bernadette Wagner

Having healthy relationships—whether it’s friendships, mentors, family, colleagues, or spouses—has a profound impact on your life. But as a busy entrepreneur (and with good ole technology), interacting and connecting with others can occur far less than it truly should be.

Ep. 23: Your Health is Connected to Your Business

If you’re busted as hell—you can’t run a successful business very well (and that ain’t no Dr. Seuss talk there). Your health matters and it affects more than just yourself.

Ep. 22: Bouncing Back from Setbacks

Setbacks can be something as little as you have to reroute your day and they can be something so monumental that you want to just crawl in your bed and stay there for the next week—or month.

Ep. 21: Mindset is EVERYTHING

“What you think is what you are.” Nothing in the world feels truer than the things we tell ourselves within our mind. So how do we manage those self-inflicting thoughts that quite nearly drain our confidence and motivation to do or be more?

Ep. 20: Identifying and Removing Toxic People

Let’s face it, approaching toxic people and saying, “You know what? I’m good. We’re not going to do this anymore,” is probably one of the more harder things to do as a human. Especially if you’re not sure how to identify these people from the start.

Ep. 19: From Side Hustle to Full-Time Business

One of the hardest parts about becoming a business owner is deciding when to make the transition from “passionate side hustle + a full-time job” into “my full-time job = my passion.” Although the process is different for everyone, there are definitely some frameworks to have in place.

Ep. 18: Finding Your Dream Clients

After almost 12 years in business, I could tell my fair share of horror client stories with you. I’ve worked with absolutely perfect people and others that have left my team and me in tears. But those dream clients are 110% obtainable – it only takes these few steps.

Ep. 17: High Functioning, But Anxious with Heather Tydings

You are anxious, you are overwhelmed. You’ve got so many things going on that you feel like if you turn your head the wrong direction, all the sands gonna drop. So how do we set those boundaries?

Ep. 16: Business Advice from Entrepreneurs Like You

Do you ever find yourself saying, “If I knew then what I know now, there is no way in HELL that I would be doing this”? On this episode of The Gutsy Podcast, we get into the heads of entrepreneur’s as they provide business advice they’ve learned along their journey.

Ep. 15: Being an Empathetic Entrepreneur

A lot of people associate empathy with weakness, but after really exploring and understanding it more myself, I realized that couldn’t be further from the truth. Empathy is truly a superpower. It’s a chance to feel some of the most beautiful, colorful emotions that have ever existed.

Ep. 14: Branding as Yourself vs. Branding as a Business

You are your business and your business is you, so your brand should be an extension of who you are at your core.

Ep. 13: Imposter Syndrome

Being wrong or not knowing something in the moment, doesn’t make you a fake. It makes you a human that is learning and growing.

Ep. 12: My Five Biggest Business Mistakes

If there were an award for screwing things up in business, I’d have a nice little trophy wall in my office. I’ve made a ton of great decisions in my business, but only because I’ve made A LOT of bad ones too.

Ep. 11: Burnout

If you have ever found yourself working way too hard for way too long, you have most likely found yourself in the place of burnout. Which is why this week, we are going to talk about common burnout signs, why we do those things, and how to overcome them.

Ep. 10: The Hiring Process

The only thing scarier than making the decision to quit your job to start your full-time business is the decision and the reality behind hiring your first employees.

Ep. 9: Branding Your Space

Branding your space is not only an investment in your company today, but it’s an investment in the growth of your company for years to come.

Ep. 8: Fear of Success

The fear of success is an actual, legit thing. And it is something I have come to better understand and realize throughout the years. But which areas of success are the ones that really freak people out? Well, let’s talk about it.

Ep. 7: The Mental Cycle

It is important to recognize that there is a cycle to the way you think and the emotions that come along for the ride. The more you understand them, the easier it will be to accept and work through them.

Ep 6: Finding Your Tribe

The best way to attract your tribe is to be who you are, regardless of who is around. Your energy is like a magnet and you’ll attract the love and support of the ones that appreciate you for who you are.

Ep. 5: Vulnerability

On this week’s podcast, I open up about something that is pretty uncomfortable for me to talk about. It’s been taunting me for years and just a few weeks ago I decided to own it and share my situation with you.

Ep. 4: What is a Brand?

Branding is fascinating because it’s the difference between someone spending $20 vs. $200 on a haircut. The same service is being performed, but the company has been positioned to create an experience that people want to be part of.

Ep. 3: The Maroon Suit

The truth is, authenticity is contagious. People admire people that are willing to go against the grain and take a risk. By being yourself, you’re influencing others to do the same.

Ep. 2: Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Business

Each person will have their own journey and circumstances, but if you have a heads up on a few things, it might help you feel a little less weirded out when and if they show up for you.

Ep. 1: Welcome to The Gutsy Podcast

Being an entrepreneur can feel lonely and overwhelming sometimes. This is a safe place for you to tune in and hear stories of business owners just like you that say “Yes! You can!”


You don’t have to do things to please other people. Invest your time in the things that matter most to you.


Next time you’re working on a challenging project, try creating your ultimate work playlist.


You can be the same person from 9-5 as you are from 5-9 by knowing your personal brand scale.


Having just graduated in May, I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the scariest time of my life.


Every time we invest in events like Leadercast, our team levels up.


The best way to overcome a fear is to lean into it. Fall down. Mess up. Whatever you do, just do it.


Whatever it is, if it doesn’t align with your personal brand, it doesn’t have to be part of you or your part of it. A personal brand is no different than a company brand. It has to be consistent, remaining cohesive wherever you go.


Success isn’t something you simply fall into, success comes with patience, dedication, and consistency. Ultimately, however, we are directly responsible for what happens in our lives. There are ways which we can be proactive, starting with our changing perspective. Successful people go against the grain and often combat pessimism with optimism and instead of embracing excuses, embrace solutions. The trick is to take action.


The first time someone comes to your website sees your business card or interacts with you is an opportunity to share who you are, what you do and how it makes a difference. Are those materials positively representing you in a way that makes you feel strong and proud of your business? Do you shy away from sending people to your website? Are you avoiding getting the next run of your business cards printed because they’re outdated?


It takes much hard work to make a brand approachable and keep it alive. While it may seem beautiful, there’s much work that needs to happen in the background. To ensure you can see, hear, read and experience the same in every encounter, we have to check through Before Anyone Else, or in this case, Before Anything Else immune system nourishment.


Your progress timeframe may be different than the people you admire or follow. Everyone has had his or her own struggles or setbacks. They may just be a different part of the journey than you are. The progress you make, whether one step or a huge leap, is important and valuable to your success. One day you’ll crack open the figurative business photo album and say, wow, look at how far I’ve come!


Company culture is the direct influence on how smoothly the ship is sailing. Effects derived from poor company culture are often missed deadlines, negative employee body language, tension, lack of ambition and static routine. If a company is not happy, it will reflect in many aspects of the workplace, unfortunately, and most crucially the clients. Your company culture IS your brand.

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