By Amber Buhrman |  July 26, 2018


Imagine this was your last day at work. On Monday a new person is taking your seat. What would they change? We are often blinded by our own progress. Because we are deep in the weeds, dealing with day-to-day business, it is hard to take a step back and look at the big picture.


Recently we listened to Kat Cole, president of Focus Brands (former president of Cinnabon, a subsidiary brand) speak at our annual Leadercast simulcast event held in Hagerstown. The intro paragraph you just read is what she calls the Hotshot Rule, and here is how it works:


Give yourself and others permission to change.

Define what it means to be successful. What does that look like for your business? What does it look like for you? If what you are doing right now isn’t helping to achieve milestones to be successful, it is OK to take a step back and change it.


Check in often.

Whether it is your staff, your spouse, or your friend, checking in to see how each or you are doing gives both of you a safe space to talk about ways you both can improve. Having someone to hold you accountable will make sure you stay focused on your goals.


Here are some ways you can do that:


“How can I change to be better?”


“What are the best/worst parts of the last 30 days?”


It takes courage to do this, but you can’t correct what you aren’t aware of.



If you want to lead, you have to approach things as if you were a new person.

Handle things as if it were your first day on the job. Be curious and approach leadership with a sense of humility, because there is always someone who knows something you don’t. Getting in the trenches and performing the same tasks as the people you lead will open your eyes to new possibilities. By understanding what people go through day-to-day, it can lead to changes so things are better moving forward. Taking action is another place where you need courage. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?