By Momina Khan  |  September 30, 2016

Despite the minor blush on your cheeks, you braved clicking on this blog, and I commend you for finding out what could be more important than pillow talk. And it’s not pillow fights, either. Passion isn’t confined to the bedroom. It’s not sweaty palms, first-kisses or forgetting your name because you just learned that of your better halves.

Passion in the business realm is everywhere spelled in any way that incites strong feelings of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.

  • Scientists spell passion by methodically challenging earth, nature and its inhabitants by turning speculation into statistics.
  • Engineers spell passion by rewiring the limitations known to mankind and redefining the impossibilities of technologies of each era.
  • Designers spell passion by taking concepts and concretizing them into tangible and virtual exhibitions.

Just as it’s hypothesized, the difference between a home and a house is love, the difference between a dream and a deadline is passion. What wakes people up, ironically, is a dream. What propels them is their passion. It is that ideology of passion that substantiates it as more than pillow talk.

Yes; passion is more than pillow talk. However, as we network and table talk in conferences in first meetings, we defer to passion, giving it more credibility than due. While passions are subjective – each person capable of cultivating their own expertise – the authenticity it harvests should not be. We should be able to ascertain someone’s sincerity of their proclaimed passion effortlessly. When it comes to businesses, passion is the new customer service. Since everyone proclaims it’s their forte, there’s nothing worth mentioning as it should be mandatory.

How You Recognize Passion

Whether it’s ad words, keywords, the first word, the last word, opening lines, taglines or closing lines, when it comes to what you say, when you say it vehemently enough, people believe you. When you use a word enough, people remember you.

Unfortunately, that’s how the entire marketing infrastructure buys into a passion. We think passion is manifested through the singular word, passion. As Billy Sunday has said, “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile.”

Before you table talk your passion – that is to say, talking about passion among colleagues, clients and potential business partners – find out if it is a pastime or a passion. Every passion has at least four distinct components for you to self-evaluate in regards to whether or not you or those you want to work with are genuine. While at first glance you may think someone’s face on game day may be a qualifier considering they painted it to match the team’s brand, if passion is more than the secret words spoken between lovers in the solace of their bedroom, then passion is deeper than skin.


The P’s and Q’s of a Passionate Relationship

THE QUALIFIER – What compels you?

Passion may accelerate our dreams, but passion requires a semblance of fuel. Passion has to have something by which it was precipitated or evoked. For example, I am passionate about writing. It stems from an aspiration to connect to people in the most fluid method I am capable. Writing allows me to succinctly put into paper what my tongue would otherwise cause me to stutter over. Most importantly writing is an ageless art of communication. Allowing myself moments of vulnerability through script is the most organic way to forming relationships.

THE PASSION – What are you passionate about?   

I showed you mine… it’s time to show yours by clearly spelling out what your passion really is. As mentioned above, passion is the new customer service, and we all know how we feel when Walmart, Amazon, Target or the local IT crew tell us that theirs is the most superior. What’s your passion and why would I confide in you above all others?

THE PEOPLE – Whom are you are doing it for?

Are you passionate about seeing your business grow? About your team, your employees, about your clients? Are you just an overzealous person who wants to see the world wear their hearts on their sleeve? Hone your passion and hone in on one audience. While you may be passionate about helping society or helping yourself, the people across from you may see aggression. Who are you doing it for and do they know it?

THE QUANTIFIER – Your benchmark to quantify whether or not the passion is legitimate and has longevity.

Nevertheless, just like pillow talk can fall flat and has its unromantic nuances, so will passion in the realm of a dog-eat-dog world fail you. Passion is the prelude to opportunity. But not all opportunities need to be taken or pursued. Having three brothers, I quickly learned an invaluable lesson through the international Lego domain: Just because you can dream big, doesn’t mean you have to build big. When opportunity knocks, ask whom it’s for. You cannot be anything. Moreover, you definitely can’t be everything. But you can be the one thing. Find out what it is, and you’ll find yourself back at point number one to once again hone in on that one person and that one passion. I never said this would be an easy assessment. I’m sure whispering sweet nothings would be more rewarding but life lasts until the finish line and you’re in it for the long haul. It’s time to find your passion beyond the pillow talk.