By Sam Mickley |  October 26, 2017


Music can do a lot of things; it can lift you up, inspire you, and even make you bust a move at your desk. When designing, sometimes music is the only thing that can help get you through a demanding project. Recently, my most demanding project has been redoing the Worx website. It’s awesome to have the opportunity to work on our own site, but it has definitely had its ups and downs. My playlist has kept me from going off the deep end and going into the rabbit hole of, “What even is design?”

Here’s what I’ve been listening to at the different stages of web design to get me to the highs and lows of creating our new website:

– When I started, fresh-faced and clear-minded not knowing what I was getting myself into:
I Feel Like Dancin’ – All Time Low

– Everyone’s in a meeting, can’t sing, need a good beat:

– Reached the point where I started dreaming about the website:
Ode To Sleep – Twenty One Pilots

– 75% done, at my breaking point, feeling like I’m losing my mind and don’t even know what a website is anymore:
I’m Not Okay – My Chemical Romance

– Tediously fixing all of the tiny bugs and imperfections on the site, getting it ready to launch:
All The Small Things – Blink 182

– When it’s finally done and I feel drained of all creative juices:
Bring Me To Life – Evanescence

Throughout this whole process, it’s helped me realize how important music really is. Without blasting it constantly while working on the site, I probably would have fried my brain and started using Comic Sans un-sarcastically.

Next time you’re working on a challenging project and need something to get you through, try creating your ultimate work playlist. It might just save your brain and your sanity.