By Amber Buhrman  |  November 16,  2017


In any networking event, a chance meeting, or business setting, the question “What do you do?” will inevitably come up. Most people have heard of an elevator pitch. Using it to connect with someone in a way that is simple and effective is where many people get stuck. Many entrepreneurs we meet struggle when they talk about their business.

Regardless of industry, marketing has changed. Customers don’t care about the company story; they care about their own. With any good story, there is a main character. They encounter some kind of problem, meet someone to guide them along the way that has a plan, they take action and the problem is solved. The character is the hero that wins the day!

Think of how many sales your company could be missing out on because customers can’t figure out what your offer is within a few seconds. The same formula can be applied to marketing to clarify your message. The less you say, the more impact your words will have. The most successful brands make their customers the hero of the story and serve as a guide for helping them win the day.

So, what’s your message? Can your entire team say it easily? Is it simple, relevant and repeatable? Even if your company has a variety of products, many divisions, 500 people, etc. there is a core purpose somewhere. Think about an insurance company. Are they selling policies or peace of mind? Or a technology company. Are they selling IT services or a guarantee that your systems will continue to run smoothly so you can be productive?

Here is example of our elevator pitch:

Many entrepreneurs we meet struggle when they talk about their business. We work with them to clarify their message and communicate it visually through branding. As a result, they have a tangible brand they can use to show people what they are all about.

By thinking bigger, the story formula can be used to simplify your elevator pitch, your print materials, your website, and the list goes on.