If you’re reading this, Welcome to Worx Graphic Design! If you received this via email, we set it up for you to read this from start to finish (but then again we’ve probably already kicked off the kickoff meeting – see the third bullet point). If you found us online, you have excellent taste in 1) Copywriters, 2) Branding Teams.


Disclaimer: Once a project begins with the Worx Copywriter, expect to collaborate (all we need are bullet points, really). Expect to read; before you approve, we’d ask you to be familiar with the content. And expect to collaborate. Two minds are better than one, especially when the Worx Copywriter makes a typo. Because it happens.


1)What is copywriting: Copywriting is communicating with an audience through writing for marketing purposes. But more importantly, it’s about reaching your audience on a personal level. One-on-one, even though the copywriter is targeting the entire selected demographic.


2)Where do you see copywriting: First off, copywriting isn’t the c inside the circle. But that’s not what you meant. Here are just a few of the places the Worx Copywriter can help communicate your message:

Segment 1

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Billboards
  • Taglines
  • Slogans
  • Social Media
  • Shampoo Bottles
  • Welcome Packets
  • Rack Cards
  • Radio Ads
  • Website Copy
  • Ads
  • Press Releases
  • Email Marketing
  • If there are words, there’s a way to write copy


When the Worx Copywriter begins working with you, here’s what to expect:

Segment 2

Segment 3

3)The kickoff meeting (in person or on the phone) (You + Worx): It’s about getting to know you and your business. Everyone has a story to tell – just not everyone knows how to tell it. That’s why Worx is here. First, we determine your exclusive tone beginning with the fundamentals of grammar. What’s your angle? First person vs. third person. Technical writing vs. conversational writing. Witty vs. laid back.


This is elemental to the cohesiveness of your brand. Imagine your favorite book series. If it weren’t written by the same author, all those cliffhangers that urge you to buy the next book would lose a bit of the appeal for lack of continuity. The characters, plot, the setting would become inconsistent. A copywriter protects your brand personality.


After a kick-ass kickoff meeting, the Worx team hosts a similar internal one. Depending on what project you have going on, depends on how the Worx Copywriter will proceed. The majority of the time, copywriting will complement design work.


4)We reevaluate any current online presence you may have (You + Worx): The Worx Copywriter sends some Questionnaires to get insight on who you are, what you do and why it matters.


  • Don’t copy what’s already on the website. The Worx Copywriter has a Command+C too; we’re here to refresh your brand, not release the same version of the copy with a new design.


  • Don’t write it out – that’s what we’re here for it. Give us the bullet points, we’ll give you the final product.


  • Don’t think over it too long. While no answer is wrong, the first gut reaction to the question is often the best.


5)Reading, writing, and research. (Worx): The Worx Copywriter reviews your info, starts writing and compares your company and your field with others. We try to empathize and immerse ourselves in your industry to better establish you as an expert and to position you ahead so you can turn heads.


6)Embrace the unexplored (You + Worx): The entire copywriting process is about collaborating. Sharing ideas – bullet points, the history of the company, bios. However, the purpose of the copywriting project is for your audience. Your clients and customers. And that’s why we’re here. While you know your industry, we know marketing.


  • At this point, the Worx Copywriter sends text for you to review. Embrace the unexplored; the unexpected. The unexpected will catch your readers off guard. The second look will cause them to call you first.


Ways the Worx Copywriter helps you:


We give you an estimate of how long it will take you to read the copy for review.


We offer you several options to make editorial reviews:

Notes in Microsoft Word

Your own revised Word Doc

Phone Call

Google Hangout or Skype Call


  • Ways you can help the Worx Copywriter:


  • Communicate within the timeframe we ask – remember, copywriting is about communicating (and copywriters love to communicate!), collaborate and refer to the 4th bullet/numerical point!


-Brand Your Gutsy (One word at a time.)