A brand is how customers see you.

Every interaction with your business is part of your brand. We like to think of brands as if they were people – each with their own personality, style, habits, etc. The difference is, no matter where or how someone experiences your brand, it is always the same. We help companies communicate what their brand is all about through visuals, writing and sensory experiences.

Traditionally, this includes a logo, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc. The experience is carried out with a website and branding the physical space. As the company grows, so should the brand. This often takes the form of ongoing campaigns, email communications, advertising, and when the time comes, an evolution of the logo, website, etc.

Take a deep dive into your brand.

A Brandstudy is a deep dive into your business, looking at the brand from the ground up. Through this exercise, we’ll peel back the layers to identify who you are as a business, to make the branding and marketing process smoother and more effective.

  • Your profile – what is unique about your business, what do you stand for and how you want to be seen
  • Your audience –who your primary customer is, what they care about, what are their common problems are and how your company is providing the solution
  • Your tone – the way your content sounds to your audience
  • Your look – an introduction of style direction including color swatches, font samples, photo inspiration
  • What’s next – our team will recommend next steps and timing based on our research

The process begins with a 90-minute meeting (phone or in-person) so we can pick your brain and gather the information needed to make recommendations. All you’ll need to bring is an open mind and any past materials you think are relevant. We like to really let this information set in and allow time for research, so you can expect to see the first draft of your Brandstudy two weeks after our deep dive. This will be a customized PDF presentation with our findings, recommendations, tone, and art direction.

What happens now? This serves as the foundation of your branding and marketing. You’ll have a clear idea of who you are, what you do, who you’re speaking to and how you make a difference. We’ll use this as a guide when developing your logo system, copywriting, marketing materials, website, ad campaigns, and space branding.

Ready to get some clarity on your brand? Contact us at hello@worxgd.com or call the Loft at 240.347.4833 to schedule our initial call! No strings attached.


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