We’re more than a team

We’re a Worx family.

Worx collaborates with you to build trusting and successful relationships with results that last. We are proud to be your team of brand experts and guardians. Through your passion and our expertise, we will create a brand experience that stands for who you are and why it matters… because it does.   


Our team is made up of four dedicated people with a shared mission– to bring your vision to life. Each person has a fundamental role in creating the company culture that you see today and the work that comes out of our loft. We’re bold, we’re gutsy and we’re authentically ourselves.

Laura Wallace

Laura Wallace

Owner/Creative Director

Laura is our inspiration junkie. She builds relationships and nurtures new client interactions. Whether developing concepts for creative spaces or strategizing how to build brand equity, she’s involved in each step of the process. Outside of Worx, you can find her public speaking, collecting Christmas trees and spending time with family.


Amber Buhrman

Amber Buhrman

Brand Strategist

Amber is our life-long learner who wants to be a student forever. She thrives on developing strategies for branding, websites, and campaigns to streamline processes and fuel results. Outside of Worx, you can find her taking the family out hiking on the Appalachian Trail, paddling away on a kayak and cooking amazing paleo dishes.


Tyler Royer

Junior Designer

With the ability to communicate a message and create feeling through graphic design, Tyler works closely with the senior design team to carry out new and existing brands through campaign design, website design, and space branding. In his free time, he plays guitar, goes to as many concerts as possible and is an avid collector of tattoos.


AJ Wallace

Space Branding Specialist

AJ is our resident jack-of-all-trades, focusing on the form and functionality of space branding. He uses his fancy virtual camera and AutoCAD to create strong office layout designs. He’s often the first person you’ll see with a tape measure and the last person you’ll see through installation. When he’s not drafting, he’s taste testing as many IPA’s as possible.



Our open atmosphere encourages collaboration and creativity– some of the key attributes that make up the Worx culture. It’s bright, lively and a place where ideas can flourish and clients can feel at home.


These uniquely juxtaposed couches are sprinkled throughout the loft and used for casual Monday morning meetings, brainstorming sessions and to kick back during break time.


One of our favorite places in the loft, because in the conference room, it’s all about YOU. The room houses a 55 inch TV for visual presentations, has a glass dry-erase board that is perfect for impromptu sketching and has enough space to comfortably host small gatherings.


This clean workspace is tucked away to encourage a break from technology. With a new set of Prisma Markers, Pantone books, sketchbooks, pencils and rulers, the creative team can revisit the fundamentals of fine arts.


At the core of every brand, there’s a story. There’s an emotional connection that leaves people with an unforgettable experience. We call this drive “gutsy.” It’s a feeling that lives in every step you take. It’s an ability to make a decision when a fear or doubt is present, and it’s that same feeling that is a sign when you’re right on the brink of something amazing. Gutsy knows no bounds­– it’s international, it doesn’t run out or deplete and it exists within every risk-taker that we are fortunate to work with.


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